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Beginning operations in 2000, Kujo Incorporated made its mark with miscellaneous cast in place reinforced concrete work ranging from concrete headwalls and wing walls to box culverts, retaining walls, retention pond dams and decorative concrete subdivision entry ways, while working on Illinois DOT and Tollway signing projects. Private projects include railroad yard upgrades and expansion, involving canopy foundation and erection, bollards, various types of camera support structures and foundations. Throughout the lifetime of the corporation, Kujo has become a major contractor in both signing and guardrail installation for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the Illinois Department of Transportation. In 2005 and 2006, Kujo Inc. became an integral part in the completion of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority’s Open Road Tolling project installing much of the signing and structures for the project. Since then, Kujo has been increasingly successful in the signing, guardrail, fence, and steel rail installation industry. In 2013, Kujo, Inc. expanded its operation to caisson drilling and is capable of drilling and pouring a reinforced concrete caisson as big as six foot diameter and up to eighty feet deep. With over 90 years of employee experience in the construction industry, the future looks very bright for Kujo Incorporated.